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Happy Birthday Nino!

Whether he's left-handed or right-handed; playing a guitar, piano, pulling off magic tricks, kendama tricks, gaming, wielding a sword or a baseball bat, molding clay, or just simply slurping ramen noodles, one thing Nino always does well is knowing how to entertain and charm us with his hands. His agility, patience, and persistence is just one trait I admire most about him.

In truth, I love many things about Nino; what drew me to him initially was his acting but once I discovered his diverse talents within Arashi, a longer list of reasons to love him grew and intensified. After almost five years of being his fan, I still find something new to love about him every day.

Whenever his birthday comes around each year, I sit and think about why I love him, and the ways in which I could best convey my feelings for him. If I'm absolutely honest this post, like all my others in previous years, could never ever do justice to my true feelings for him. In the past I've posted on Instagram and Twitter, or sharing my love for him with other fans, but I think I am still yet to find the best way to show how deeply and sincerely I feel. I wish I could proclaim to the world how much I love him.

I can only say: Nino, I love you so very much. I wish you the very happiest of birthdays, as I wish you much love, joy, good health, and serenity ~ today and every day. Always and forever  💛 You are my last great love.

These gifs are not mine, nor would I claim them as mine; they were found doing random Google searches. Most were probably from the Tumblr site. Full credit goes to them, not me.

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