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Random 5x20 MV Thoughts

So, I wrote this on my Twitter two and a half hours ago:

"Okay, so I prepared my heart and sat down to watch the 5x20 MV on my big screen TV. Big mistake was I wasn't even remotely prepared. My chest racked with the heaviest, loudest sobs I've ever had since joining the fandom. Truly, my tears fell like somebody had died.
No other group has EVER made me feel this deeply, this STRONGLY, this emotionally bonded. No other group has openly shown each other, and their fans, such deep love, gratitude and mutual respect. I LOVE YOU ARASHI"

Since then, I have wiped away more tears than I ever thought it was even possible to shed. I have cried so hard my eyes are still literally stinging over two hours later.

What got to me the most about the 5x20 MV was:
1. The whole MV got me blubbing, let's face it.
2. I started off weeping silently until I saw the camera pan from Ohno to Nino when they sing "Demo/Bokura wa..."
That shot was B E A U T I F U L L Y  D O N E
3. Then the Juntoshi moment when MatsuJun looks at Ohno as they sing "Koe wo kiita dake de"
4. Then the moment when the camera locks on to Nino when he sings "Love, love for you"
Let's be honest here, I  D I E D ! !
5. When the song ends and Nino looks up towards the Heavens... and that look on his face!!! His eyes, his mouth, his whole expression and the thoughts conveyed in that one moment!! I screamed out loud N I N O O O O O ! ! !

5. But then I wailed like a baby, you know... one of those real ugly and out loud cries? when Aiba says "Anou sa... Arigatou, ne"
W H A T  A R E  Y O U  D O I N G  T O  M Y  H E A R T ? ? ? ? ?

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