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5 x 20 Anniversary Day! (嵐結成20周年)

Arashi 1999

From their lofty beginnings, five brooding and nervous teenagers on a yacht in Hawaii, their shaky and innocent voices announcing their debut and vows to take on the world, to today having gone from strength to strength, experiencing the highs and lows of fame, Arashi are now celebrating their twentieth anniversary. *Congratulations Aiba, MatsuJun, Nino, Ohno and Sakurai*

I have only been a part of the ride for a quarter of that time. When I first became aware of them as idols they had already notched up ffiteen years of entertaining the masses. The Digitalian had only just been released. Five years on, and their 57th single Brave was released this week, and I am still as loyal a fan as ever but in all honesty, some things have changed for me in that time.

I wish this anniversary post could scream of nothing but upbeat postivity and unabashed, gushing adoration but sadly it isn't in me at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I love and adore Arashi and I always, always will. My love for Arashi will remain firmly loyal and true. What has killed my mood is the general atmosphere within the fandom this past year. The changes in people that I have witnessed (particularly on Twitter) has all but crushed my motivation to stay in the fandom BUT I don't want to spread hate and negativity on this momentous occasion so I have taken to this post with some severe editing scissors.

💚 💜 💛 💙 ❤️

Not to sound like an overused cliche but I am deeply, deeply proud of Arashi. They truly have come so far in twenty years, and they have achieved greatness. And it's not over yet. Until their hiatus at the end of next year they still have so much more yet to give us and so much more yet to achieve. For me personally, I want to sincerely thank them for the sheer happiness they have brought to my life for the last five years. My home has become lovingly filled with CDs, DVDs, books, and merchandise which I proudly display and profoundly cherish. I am truly blessed to own what I do have (let's face it, my shop photo obession hasn't abated in five years and it probably never will). Arashi put colour back into my battered heart ~ five colours to be exact.

I am truly sorry Arashi: I feel horribly guilty for posting anything remotely negative on such an otherwise happy occasion. I resisted posting the original, knowing I would only sound bitter and cynical and I didn't want that today. I knew deep inside my heart that if I let this day pass by without acknowledging your 20th anniversary I wouldn't have been able to forgive myself.

🎊 Happy 20 years Arashi! I love you! 🎊

Arashi 2019

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