June 17th, 2017


My Reasons : A post for Nino's birthday

A very Happy Birthday to Ninomiya Kazunari who turns 34 today! This special post is dedicated to my ichiban and is based on an idea from "kazukarla" who came up with 17 Reasons why she loves Nino. I asked her if I could *steal* her idea for myself so that I could write this post, and she graciously accepted *bows and curtseys in her direction* 💛

[I made this for my Instagram acccount last year]

So here are my very own 17 Reasons because, well the number 17 has long been associated with Nino. He is forever 17 to many in the Arashi fandom. Also his birthday falls on the 17th, and today he is 34 which is 17 x 2! Apologies in advance if this post becomes supremely soppy, I'm still recovering from the Tsunagu MV previews. And my unabashed love for Nino!
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[Otanjoubi Omedetou Neen!]