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My Favourite Songs 1/3

This post (part one of three) was inspired by a recent chat on Twitter between two good friends and fellow Arashians. One asked the all important question: Which album is your favourite and why? The other made a list of her favourite songs from each album BUT with a nice little catch: only two songs from each album and one solo (where applicable). I'm going to try and do this list too but with a slight change. I will choose only two songs, one single and one solo (where applicable).

With fifteen studio albums under their belt, there's a lot to choose from in the Arashi discography to date. My first album was The Digitalian and from there I heard Love, Popcorn, Iza Now, How's It Going, Beautiful World and so on. Each new album they release is different and showcases a whole new facet of Arashi's talent. To pick a favourite album out of fifteen would be nigh on impossible but I will admit that I do have two soft spots: The Digitalian (because it was my first Arashi album) and Boku no Miteiru Fuutei.

And so, here are my choices from the first five studio albums. Just remember, CHOOSING ONLY TWO SONGS WAS AN ABSOLUTE TOTAL NIGHTMARE/HEART WRENCH!! LIKE, WATER TORTURE!! >////<

Arashi ni Ichigoo (2001)
On Sunday

Sunrise Nippon

Here We Go (2002)
**All or Nothing -Ver 1.02-
Kimi wa Sukoshi mo Warukunai

A Day in our Life

How's It Going? (2003)
***Crazy Ground No Osama
Donna Kotoba de


Iza Now (2004)
Right Back To You
Dear My Friend

Pika**nchi Double

One (2005)
Subarashiki Sekai
Yes? No?

Rain (Ohno Satoshi solo)

Sakura Sake was the only single on this album but it isn't a favourite of mine (I only like it when they perform it live). I guess I've just grown bored with it (sorry everyone! *blushes*)........!

**Those who know me well by now, know that one of my all-time favourite Arashi songs is All or Nothing. It is MY JAM! I can't praise it enough, it has so many elements to it that I love. Sakurai Sho's rap, the overlapping vocals in the chorus, and the choreo in the live performances I've seen (over and over) are SAIKOU! Oh, and did I mention the Sakurap?
*** Those who follow me on Twitter may or may not have read the line "Crazy ground no osama ni nareru" in my bio and that's because it's another all-time favourite song. No matter what mood I'm in, if I hear that song come on my iPod I go crazy (even in public). I can't sit still. Again the Sakurap is precious and Ohno's vocal in the verses is perfection.
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