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My First Post

Allow me to introduce myself! Hello, I am Debby and I am from Australia (but I was born in England). I have been a member of LJ since February this year but I've been super lazy and haven't posted anything until now.

I have been a full-time, hard-core Arashi fan since November 2014. I know this isn't long in the scheme of things but new fans are coming up all the time so I know I'm not alone in my "newbie" status. What drew me in to the fandom in the first place? Back in 2012 I stumbled across a Japanese game show on SBS television called VS Arashi. It was such a fun show I tuned in regularly and even watched all the repeats of repeats. Around this time I also watched the movie Gantz and took an instant liking to Ninomiya Kazunari BUT I didn't make the association! The years passed and I was into k-pop bands like U-Kiss and EXO and liked to watch SBS Pop Asia regularly.

Around October 2014 I was going through a difficult time in my personal life and wouldn't you know it, I stumbled across that Japanese game show again and I found it cheered me up. My daughter started watching it with me and she took a shine to Ohno who kept repeating "Maji?" and "Maji ka?" We were laughing so hard. She went away and did some research on her laptop and suddenly came out of her room shouting excitedly, "Did you know they're a famous Japanese idol band?" From that moment, we watched the promo videos for Bittersweet and Wild At Heart and for the rest of that day we Googled them. And so it goes I became a fan. So, I really have Ohno (and my daughter) to thank for introducing me to Arashi.

Imagine my shock when the world of Arashi opened up to me. It felt as though I had been given the key to the city by the mayor of Tokyo! I was overwhelmed with all the new knowledge each new day brought me: they had already been around for 15 years?? Albums, singles, variety shows, promo videos, as well as movies and dramas - for each member?!?! I was in Heaven! I had never known this world before but once I uncovered each new treasure of information, I was drawn in and quickly became obsessed. Ohno must have thrown me a line because I fell in hook, line and sinker. (Well, he is the Leader for a reason, right?)

Imagine my second shock when I finally made the association between Ninomiya Kazunari in Gantz and Ninomiya Kazunari in Vs Arashi! I was stunned beyond my wildest dreams to be honest because I never knew idols could be so versatile as to be proficient actors. Here in Australia, there are actors who are singers and vice versa but somehow the market is totally different. I can't explain it so I won't try. Needless to say, I was impressed with Nino both as an actor and as a singer/entertainer. And yes, he is my ichiban. That has never changed and it never will. I am devoted, yellow heart and soul.

In my next post, I will ramble on about my introduction to The Digitalian album, my first Arashi concert DVD experience, and how their versatile acting talents totally bowled me over... and my sometimes frustrating grip on the Japanese language!

Thanks for reading this far! :)
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