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ブラックペアン / Black Pean

Opinions. Everybody has them, right? When it comes to Nino's latest drama, Black Pean, it's a little premature for me to offer up my solid opinion. Let me explain why. I've been watching it raw since episode one, in other words without any subs. You may think this is very strange but there's a good reason why I'm watching Nino as Tokai sensei with barely any clue what he's saying/whispering/grunting/yelling.... *JAMA!*

These past few days I'm seeing a lot of people saying they are not ready to say goodbye to Tokai sensei. They are already in mourning, and that's kind of sad to me. It might be the last episode tonight, and like all the other episodes I will be live-streaming it, but for me it isn't the end but the beginning. And I can hardly wait...

You see, even though I've got all the raws and the subs provided by tronella (compliments for her are at the end of this post) I haven't watched one single subbed episode yet. *WHY?! I hear you screech* Because I've purposely saved them all up for one special reason. A NINO / TOKAI SENSEI MARATHON! Yes, that's right. I've deliberately waited until the last episode airs tonight and the subs become available so that I can watch them ALL in one sitting, back to back!!

This way I don't get to say goodbye to Tokai sensei so quickly and I also get to savour every single episode with all the wonderful extra information on tap. I'm so excited I can barely contain all the feels swirling around in my heart right now!

I can hardly believe it was exactly one week ago since Nino's birthday... The days are flying by all too quickly!! I celebrated Nino's 35th birthday by going to McDonald's (which I've done annually since 2015) to enjoy hotcakes with syrup and I either have yellow macarons or like this year, I had a birthday cupcake! Initially I was going to have ramen for lunch but I decided to go home instead and decorate (badly) a cake I'd bought. I also made yellow (pineapple) jelly. Last weekend I also marathoned a re-watch of Rysuei no Kizuna, my number one favourite Nino drama. It was wonderful to re-watch the Ariake-3 whilst feasting on cake and jelly.

To tronella: verbal or written praise and bouquets of flowers are not enough to express my sincere gratitude to you, not only for your subs but also for all the extra information you've written up ~ thank youuu for all your hard work, dedication, and attention to detail. You went above and beyond. You truly are a godsend.
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