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I have a brand new layout! The blue bubbles layout I had previously was cute and all, but to be honest I really wanted to change it months ago. I've been wanting something that stood out more. So I went for bold! Do you like it? :)

I've been really lazy in the blogging department lately, and before I even blink ~ the Kimi no Uta single was released ~ October is drawing to a rapid close ~ and then it will be Arashi's 19th anniversary for their debut single next week (November 3rd, for the uninitiated *wink*)!!

There were soo many things that I wanted to do in the latter half of this year, and yet I've had ZERO (said in Sakurai Sho style voice) motivation. I still haven't written a blog post review for Nino's Black Pean, even though I have now watched it all the way through twice. I don't think my review post will happen now, suffice to say I truly adored Nino as Tokai sensei. But that goes without saying really.....doesn't it?!

I also wanted to do a review of the Mannequin Five segments from Himitsu no Arashi chan, which I enjoyed immensely. I still might write a post for that sometime though, but it was my initial intention to screenshot each one of Nino's fashion choices but before I knew it, I was more than twenty segments in and going back to the start wasn't really an option I desired. I actually need to go through my HnA episode guide/list and highlight all the Mannequin Five episodes. That might just bring back some of my motivation and make tracking the episodes down a lot easier.

Oh, and I wanted to leave it here that I've now finished watching these Arashi variety shows:
C no Arashi
D no Arashi
G no Arashi
Mago Mago Arashi
Arashi no Shukudai kun
Golden Rush Arashi
Himitsu no Arashi chan

Still need to finish watching:
Nama Arashi
USO?! Japan
Mayonaka no Arashi
Arashi no Waza-Ari

My list excludes Arashi ni Shiyagare & VS Arashi because those two variety shows are still currently airing. I have a lot of gaps where I've seen early episodes and current/recent episodes but with a big chasm of "still need to watch" in between. Especially years 2011-2014 episodes of Shiyagare and years 2008/2009 for VSA.

Hopefully I will get time to post on November 3rd. "You are my soul, soul itsumo suga soba ni aru......."
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