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My New Project

After a long time searching for the perfect scrapbook album online, I finally found the one I wanted last weekend. I was also extremely happy to discover that it was being sold by someone in my local area, so I sent a message to them to ask if they would waive the shipping fee if I could pick it up. They responded one better, they delivered it to me and I got $5 off the asking price! Now I can finally get to work on my 'Strangers on a Train' project. If you feel inclined to read, see this post here.

If you don't feel inclined, bascially at the end of my past blog post I said these words: "Edited: I almost forgot to mention, I am going to make a special 見知らぬ乗客 scrapbook for the tenth anniversary." As this year is the tenth anniversary.... you know the rest!

For this special project I will be using some magazine articles which I won in an auction recently, some postcards, some photocopies from the pamphlet, and a lot of images which are currently in my SOAT laptop folder are in the process of being printed at my trusted photography store. Also I intend to include some of my own personal notes from Patricia Highsmith's book, Alfred Hitchcock's film, and Robert Allan Ackerman's screenplay which Nino of course starred in.

I will try to take more photos as I go along and update my progress on my Twitter account (@ KizunaNino) and when I am finished, I will definitely make a blog post, so stay tuned. I can't promise it will be finished overnight, but it will be finished by July (fingers crossed).
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