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4 February
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Hello! I'm Debby from Australia and I'm obsessed with the Japanese boyband, Arashi
My ichiban is Ninomiya Kazunari 💛 and my heart will be forever yellow

I'm partial to Johnny's boys {Yamapi, Yamada Ryosuke, Kamenashi Kazuya} but I also love Japanese and Korean actors too
J-dramas and K-dramas are my life; I always have at least half a dozen doramas in my watch-list at any one time
I also like to listen to: H!S!J : Yamapi : Kat-tun : Perfume : Utada Hikaru : Masaki Suda : Kenshi Yonezu : miwa

I'm a single mum with a gaming/manga/anime-loving daughter
I'm a hopeless romantic. I'm chronically prone to ramblings and emotional outbursts but I don't say much on Twitter nowadays because half the fandom hates/misunderstands me LOL
I'm still desperately trying to finish a novel but Arashi life keeps distracting me

Oh, and I'm an INFJ!

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